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10 Best Tips for a Happy and Safe Diwali

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The most exciting season of the year is here and the festival of lights is just around the corner. Yes, Diwali! One of the most celebrated festivals of India, Diwali brings the best times of the year with our friends and family. Over the centuries, Diwali has been celebrated with lighting lamps which symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and is believed to bring good fortune. It is considered auspicious and important due to its avid significance in Hindu mythology. However, Diwali is also very popular with kids as they enjoy lighting sparklers and luminous crackers. Though such crackers and fireworks are carefully designed and mostly safe but parental guidance and precautionary measures are a must. As one of the best boarding school in Odisha,  Aparnaa World School shares 10 best tips to make your Diwali even more happy and safe.

1. Use good quality crackers:  Go for good quality green crackers that are safe and cause less pollution. Always read the instructions carefully before lighting a cracker.

2. Clothes and shoes:  Always pick cotton clothes over synthetic ones while bursting crackers. It is also advisable to wear shoes to ensure full safety.

3. Fire extinguisher:  While lighting crackers, having a fire extinguisher nearby is very important. You can also keep a bucket of water or sand in proximity. In case of an unexpected fire, call the fire brigade immediately.

4. Avoid confined places:  Crackers exhaust very high amounts of Carbon dioxide and other harmful gases which can choke breathing. Hence, never burst crackers in confined places and always find an outdoor setting to light them.

5. Dispose of crackers properly:  Once a cracker is completely burnt don’t forget to dispose of them properly, put out the heat with sand or water to ensure full safety. Also, avoid going near half burnt or missed crackers as they can be very dangerous. Take the help of an adult to dispose of the same.

6. Keep First Aid ready:  Always keep a First Aid kit handy, in case of any minor burn or injuries you can always get immediate medical attention.

7. Noisy crackers:  Try not to use noisy crackers such as bangers, bungers and bombs as they create a lot of noise affecting small children, senior citizens and animals.

8. Pet safety:  Pets may find it agonizing with so much noise around them during Diwali. Don’t leave your pets alone and try to keep them away from firecrackers.

9. Indoor decorations:  Be mindful while decorating your house with candles or lamps. Ensure that they are away from curtains, table cloths or any kind on inflammable substances.

10. Spread awareness:  Spread awareness in your neighborhood about the minimizing use of crackers and bangers to control pollution in your locality. Also, share all the above tips to ensure a safe and happy Diwali.!

Aparnaa World School believes that the greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals. As one of the best boarding school in Jharsuguda, Odisha we always ensure that our students embrace the roots of our culture in a time of great rejoicing and festivity. We, on behalf of everyone at Aparnaa World School wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!