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The Benefits of Vegetarian Diet for children

best boarding school Jharsuguda
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Jharsuguda brags of esteemed educational institutions, both day boarding schools, and residential schools that are affiliated to CBSE boards. Aparnaa World School is the best boarding school in Jharsuguda. The school is proud to be a forebear and leading institution in the area of innovations in education, which makes it the best boarding school in Odisha.

Education is one of the important parts for everyone. When you are selecting a boarding school for your child think about all the areas in which you look after your child. When developing the school time table and system for students we think as apparent.

As a boarding school, one of our important focuses is on student’s nutrition. Aparnaa World School provides a hale and hearty nutritious vegetarian diet for the students. Switching to a vegetarian diet includes many health benefits like religious diktat and growing distrust around sanitation and growth-hormones among others. There has been progression in farming technology with current farming practices that ensures fresh fruits and vegetables to be available to people.

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Aparnaa World School provides students a different variety of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and dairy products by considering their physical development. Studies have been shown that people who eat vegetarian diet have less of harmful fats and cholesterol than people who follow a non-vegetarian diet.

In the growing period, children need lots of calories to turn into energy. Research showing that, a healthy diet for children and teenagers include three full meals and two snacks including dairy products and fresh fruits.

best boarding school Jharsuguda

At Aparnaa World School foods are intended and prepared by specialized chefs under the supervision of nutritionists. Our school follows strict hygiene rules and that are thoroughly followed by the staffs. Looking into traditional model of eating together, all meals are served in the dining hall on time every day. We believe that spending time together over food also builds stronger bonds among the school union, which means that all of our students and staffs together to eat healthy meals that are nutritious to the body.

The result of this into all aspects of our students’ school life makes us rank high on the list of the best boarding school in Jharsuguda. Every year our students perform well in every field, like top ranks in academic result in exams, champion in sports, low illness because of proper care in the school. For more details contact us here.