?> Aparnaa Carnival (Day 2): Events at the top school in Jharsuguda

Aparnaa Carnival (Day 2): Events at the top school in Jharsuguda

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top school in jharsuguda

The top school in Jharsuguda organizes great events. The Aparnaa Carnival is one of such events. We have already discussed Day 1 of the carnival here . Further, here is the recapitulation of Day 2 of the event.

Arts & Decor Competition

The competition of making the best out of waste was on the second day. Being at the top school in Jharsuguda, the competition was a little different. Here there were teams of mothers & students together. Also, they made a lot of good designs with all the materials. There were some great exhibits in display too. While, this was going on the students were enjoying other activities too.

top school in jharsuguda

Zorbing Balls

The zorbing balls were some attraction. The lawns of the school were made free for the use of these balls. Here children were seen having great fun in the balls, bouncing around & crashing into each other. That was something. With the balls, there were trampolines too. There were auto-balancing unicycles too.

The Unicycles

Now the unicycles were something. They were the favourite of kids & they seemed to be enjoying them. All the kids wanted to have a go on the unicycles. With a professional helping the kids out, they were safe and having loads of fun. That was something amazing to see.

The top school in Jharsuguda always makes sure that the students enjoy a lot with the parents and teachers in such an event. There is more. Stay tuned for more information.