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Introduction to Alternative Assessments- Aparnaa World School

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Exams’ or ‘Assessments’ are the words that stress out every student and parent just by the mention of it. Let it be Board Exams, mid-terms or even unit tests, when its exam season there is a wave of seriousness and competition between the students who try to pin down their best scores. As one of the best high schools in Jharsuguda, we believe that though these exams and assessments were introduced to test a student’s skill and knowledge for different subjects and domains over time it has grown into a more of filtering procedure that strongly influences careers choices of billions.

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On the bottom line, exams are defined as just a tool to measure logical, cognitive and other skills but on the surface, assessments and tests are a hugely flawed yardstick of society upon which children get judged irrespective of their potential and talent. Assessments should only serve the purpose of measuring one’s improvement in acquiring the knowledge necessary for growth. Exams should encourage creativity and interest, not rigid competition and stress. Fortunately, institutions like Aparnaa World School – one of the best schools in Odisha is bringing reforms that are need of the hour.

Aparnaa World School is a progressive school in Odisha that is slowly mending its way towards the Alternative assessments over traditional exams. Alternative assessment is a form of student performance grading that allows for a more holistic approach to student assessment that gives the student the opportunity to demonstrate the depth and scope of what they have learned rather than being limited to just a few responses on a traditional test or exam. Alternative assessments can be anything like Writing, Rubrics, Presentations, Discussion boards, Interviews, Self-assessments etc. These methods have been widely tried and tested across the globe in different institutions and the results were astounding. Our teachers are now able to monitor progress and understanding of teachers more efficiently. Students experience a boost in their confidence levels and a significant drop in stress and fear towards examinations. As one of the best high schools in Jharsuguda, Aparnaa World School always strives to stay relevant and provide only the best when it comes to education.