Admissions Open

Play Group to Class IX
CBSE Curriculum


Inaugural Batch

Commencing first Residential batch from March-2017


Boarding and Day Boarding

An opportunity for students to get academic, co-curricular and physical education all under one-roof.


12-Acres Campus

Our Campus is open for visits.



Our curriculum is designed so as to unlock the budding talent of the students by providing a thriving, dynamic and challenging environment. The education provided enables the students to become more efficient to achieve, with increasing facility, the legitimate goals of their life.


Students have a broad spectrum of activities to choose from – visual arts, performing arts, yoga, aero – modeling, debating, quizzing. In addition students can participate in field – trip projects and community initiatives.


Learning has to be for Life and our schools ensures that it prepares every student for this. Aparnaa World School provides its students with ample infrastructure facilities required for any sport, it provides opportunity to all sportsmen.

Creating the leaders of Tomorrow

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other
– John F Kennedy

Best CBSE School with 360° Education for all

Aparnaa World School, the 1st International School of Jharsuguda, is a premier institution focused at providing comprehensive education for all. The school offers a vivid educational environment which enriches the students’ identity with knowledge through innovation and transforms them into globally responsible citizens. It encourages multiple learning techniques to bring about holistic growth and development of its students.

A World Class Infrastructure

Set in a serene and green environment of more than 14 acres, the campus hopes to inspire students to excel. A large school made comprehensible through the notion of smaller communities – Schools within a School. The campus is organized as clusters of age groups. Each cluster has its own identity, with an intricate interweaving of classrooms, places of meeting, work courts and play areas. Places where eye can rest and the mind can contemplate.